Conjugating Persona 5 Skill Names

i love organizing things into tables that didnt need to be organized into tables

Basic magic skill names in Persona 5 Royal
Affinity Target Effectiveness
Slight heal
Moderate heal
Full heal
Bless/Curse: Half
Low insta-kill
Revive 50%
High insta-kill
Revive 100%
Fire One Agi Agilao Agidyne Inferno
All Maragi Maragion Maragidyne Blazing Hell
Ice One Bufu Bufula Bufudyne Diamond Dust
All Mabufu Mabufula Mabufudyne Ice Age
Elec One Zio Zionga Ziodyne Thunder Reign
All Mazio Mazionga Maziodyne Wild Thunder
Wind One Garu Garula Garudyne Panta Rhei
All Magaru Magarula Magarudyne Vacuum Wave
Psy One Psi Psio Psiodyne Psycho Force
All Mapsi Mapsio Mapsiodyne Psycho Blast
Nuke One Frei Freila Freidyne Atomic Flare
All Mafrei Mafreila Mafreidyne Cosmic Flare
Bless One Kouha Kouga Kougaon Divine Judgement Hama Hamaon
All Makouha Makouga Makougaon Mahama Mahamaon
Curse One Eiha Eiga Eigaon Demonic Decree Mudo Mudoon
All Maeiha Maeiga Maeigaon Mamudo Mamudoon
Almighty One
All Megido Megidola Megidolaon
Healing Ally Dia Diarama Diarahan Recarm Samarecarm
Party Media Mediarama Mediarahan
Basic stat support skill names in Persona 5 Royal
Effect Target Stat
Attack Defense Agility
Buff party One Tarukaja Rakukaja Sukukaja
All Matarukaja Marakukaja Masukukaja
Debuff enemy One Tarunda Rakunda Sukunda
All Matarunda Marakunda Masukunda
Nullify enemy buffs One
All Dekaja
Nullify party debuffs One
All Dekunda

im not going to bother doing the barrier/reflect skills because theyre pretty self-explanatory. im also not gonna do the phys skills because they're terrifying or the gun skills because theres only like three and phys and gun have lots of non-standard things going on like crit modifiers

There are also definitely other skills that fit into these categories but they don't follow any sort of consistent naming convention so they don't really fit in anywhere here. The point of this was to illustrate the meaning of the names that are all similar and follow a consistent pattern and I think I've made my point with the ones that are easy to categorize into some sort of consistent pattern so I'm stopping now

Cool I Hope That Helps